156cm/5ft2 B-cup Human Size Sex Doll Michelle
With Gabriella, the spotlight is squarely on her ass. And muscular thighs that will wrap around your hips in the strongest, most satisfying love hold you have ever experienced in your life.Gabriella works out regularly to keep her sex big...
$2,599.00 $2,499.00
156cm/5ft2 B-cup Realistic Silicone Sex Doll Alaya
April is our multiracial, curly-haired princess. Her people are from Louisiana, and she will tell you stories about how her grandmother and great grandmother used to rule as the placage queens of the quadroon balls, driving European men crazy with...
$2,699.00 $2,499.00
157cm/5ft2 B-cup Extremely Sex Doll Gracelyn
Southern belles don’t get any more charming than our lady from Charleston, South Carolina, here. Born into a family with a long line of women playing key roles in the United Daughters Of The Confederacy association, Jennifer knows everything there...
$2,699.00 $2,199.00
155cm/5ft1 A-cup Flat Chest Black Sex Doll Willa
Geena is Marathon runner who loves running, she enjoys the felling when she running. She has jointed a lot of marathon. So you can see she has perfect body, healthy skin. She also looking for a man running with her....
156cm/5ft2 B-cup Big Tits Blond Sex Doll Demi
Caterina is a small, petite blonde who is a little shy by nature. “I was raised by my mother to be an obedient and old-fashioned girl, so I never got a chance to date boys,” she says. “I was not...
$2,699.00 $2,415.00
157cm/5ft2 B-cup Cheap Full Size Sex Doll Harlow
A quadroon, Algerian girl who is one-quarter black and three-quarter European, Cassie is a marvelous example of light-skinned African beauty. Her soft, bee-stung lips and sensual, come-hither eyes drive men crazy, and Celine knows it full well too, because she...
$2,499.00 $2,199.00
157cm/5ft2 B-cup Most Real Sex Doll Gabriela
Skinny girls rule! It isn’t just big boobs and butts that get picked from the SiliconWives website, but slim and sexy ones too. Eighteen-year-old Lexi is standing on the cusp of womanhood and her golden blonde innocence, ready to be...
$2,499.00 $2,199.00
157cm/5ft2 B-cup Real Life Size Sex Doll Evie
Dates are never boring with girls from deep Texas. They’re super sassy, naughty, haughty, and carelessly crushing hearts with the bottom of their cowboy boots – and our Molly is no different. This 5 ft 2 inch girl is a...
$2,399.00 $2,199.00
162cm/5ft4 B-cup Sex Doll Life Like Julia
Seki is a young girl from Osaka who has left Japanese shores to come to the United States and live a progressive, Western life.She works as a sous chef in a Japanese sushi restaurant in New York, where guys keep...
$2,199.00 $1,850.00
162cm/5ft4 B-cup Sex With Sex Doll Jane
Specification Height: 5 ft 4 in. / 162 cm. B-Cup  Weight: 93 lbs. / 42 kg.  Full Bust: 34.6 in. / 88 cm.  Under Bust: 29.9 in. / 76 cm.  Waist: 26 in. / 66 cm.  Hips: 35.8 in. / 91 cm.  Foot Length: 8.3 in. /...
$2,550.00 $2,350.00
161cm(5'28") G-cup Huge Breasts Sex Doll Rose
She's not in a good mood recently. She's going to travel.she’s out on the prowl! She’s looking for a foreign lover, and wants to experience a steamy romance that she can’t get at home. Her English isn’t the best, but...
$1,400.00 $1,199.00
162cm/5ft4 B-cup Small Chest Sex Doll Nicole
Specfication Height: 5 ft 4 in. / 162 cm. B-Cup Weight: 93 lbs. / 42 kg. Full Bust: 34.6 in. / 88 cm. Under Bust: 29.9 in. / 76 cm. Waist: 26 in. / 66 cm. Hips: 35.8 in. /...
$2,199.00 $1,850.00
163cm/5ft35 F-cup Most Realistic Sex Bot Vivian
The love doll is Eliana, she is from Audubon. she is mixed race. her mother is Indian, She's a fitness coach now. There are many men looking for her to teach them. She knows these men are looking for her because of her figure. she...
$1,400.00 $1,199.00
166cm/5ft5 C-cup Discount Love Dolls Eliana
Gym girl Raven has recently come on board at racymedolls.com to find her perfect man. She’s not looking for a ripped male body loaded with 6-pack abs or anything like that. She’s looking for a serious, long-term relationship, and any...
$2,699.00 $2,199.00
166cm/5ft5 C-cup Sex Robot Aubrey
If you like them hot, fit and sizzling with sex appeal, you can’t do better than Lara. Standing at 5 ft 5 inches, she’s tall for a doll, and her lithe, sensuous body, wheat blonde hair and melting brown eyes...
$2,559.00 $2,199.00
165cm(5'41") F-cup Real Girl Tpe Sex Doll Maya
Specifications:Brand: RacymeMateral:Medical Silicone TPESkeleton:SteelSkin Color:TanHeight:5.41ft(165cm)Upper Bust:33.46in(85cm)Lower Bust:22.83inch(58cm)Cup Size:F CUPWaist=21.65in(55cm)Hip=32.28in(82cm)Arm Length:18.9in(48cm)Palm Length:6.3in(16cm)Leg Length:32.68in(83cm)Foot Length:8.66in(22cm) Eyes Color:Blue(Optional)Hair Color:Brown(Optional)3 Entries Of Penetration:Oral,Anal,VaginalOral Depth:4.72in(12cm)Anal Depth:5.51in(14cm)Vaginal Depth:6.30in(16cm)Weight:70.55lbs(32 KG)Package Size:(61.42in*17.72in*11.81in) (156cm*45cm*30cm) Package include:1* LOVE Doll1* Wig1* Clothes (Sexy Lingerie, Sent at random)1* Cleaning Pot Why our...
$1,400.00 $1,199.00
Fatal Temptation Silicone Sex Doll For Men
Today is the lucky day when you will be introduced to one of the prettiest blonde babes. And this day will remain embedded in your memory for a long period of time I am telling you! There is something about...
$1,400.00 $1,190.00
166cm/5ft5 Skinny Blonde Real Sex Doll Ella
Doll Measurements Height: 5 ft 5 in. / 166 cm. Weight: 78 lbs. / 35.5 kg. Upper Bust: 31.9 in. / 81 cm. Under Bust: 23.2 in. / 59 cm. Waist: 21.3 in. / 54 cm. Hips: 32.7 in. /...
$1,099.00 $999.00
170cm/5ft57 G-cup Real Life Sex Doll Victoria
Candice is a diligent girl, she pays great attention to the maintenance of her body. She running every morning and goes to the gym to keet fit in the evening. so you can see her body is perfect. H-cup, big...
$1,400.00 $1,200.00
European Beautiful Tpe Sexy Girl Love Doll
Features:This doll made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and is very soft! It has been tested to be safe to humans. The skin has...
$1,049.00 $749.00
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