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Lynn December 26, 2018

Christmas price reduction countdown

There are only 5 days left, the last 5 days of big promotion, clearance processing. 1. Over $2,000 up to $ 60, also presented an inverted hip, VR and Doll 2.Over $1,000 up to $ 50, giving back and buttocks VR 3. Over...
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Lynn November 27, 2018

Inferior clothes, how to do sex doll dyeing?

I hope that when you see this article, you can solve the problem in your heart. Sexual dolls can be dyed in many cases, because the inferior clothes fade, causing your doll to be painted. In this case, you can buy a fade cream, and the fade cream won't cost you. If you buy TPE material will be ve...
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Lynn November 21, 2018

Countdown Black Friday

Due to the early display of activities, many dolls are out of order, resulting in the US and Dutch warehouses out of stock, so we will add some discount dolls, so stay tuned!...
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Lynn November 12, 2018

The top 50 are reduced by $50

Do not expect Black Friday? The heavy news is coming! All the top 50 customers can get a free butt Update every day, so take the time to bring your doll home! The following explosions are recommended!!! ...
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