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Lynn October 15, 2018

Do you know the evolutionary history of sex dolls?

If you have learned about sex dolls, you should know how realistic the current sex dolls are. However, sex dolls are not so good at the beginning. Sex dolls, which were born as human masturbation tools, are said to have been published during World War II. According to various circulated materials, H...
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Lynn October 12, 2018

Regarding your opinion on sex dolls, have you recruited?

1. Sex toys are used by people who are sexually uncoordinated or have no sex. In fact, anyone can use sex toys. According to the survey, people who have sex are more likely to use sex toys than those who do not. Sexual partners often have the higher quality of sexual life and better emotional int...
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Lynn October 08, 2018

Do you know how to clean sex dolls?

How to clean if your doll is dyed by clothes? If your sex doll is stained by your food, how to clean it? It doesn't work for a long time, how to clean a lot of dust? A doll is dyed by clothes or other pigments First, you buy a staining paste...............
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Lynn September 27, 2018

Attacking October sex doll discount

The countdown to the discount is 4 days. Customers who have been paying attention to us during this period should know that we will have a large discount in October, which will be greatly discounted on a certain day. I hope you don't miss it. If you are worried about customs when buying sex do...
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Lynn September 26, 2018

October discount doll is coming soon

In October, there are statutory holidays and holidays in various countries, such as Columbus Day and Halloween on October 12, and a very important festival on October 1st in China. So in order to take care of customers in various countries, we decided to prepare a large discount event after October ...
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Lynn September 17, 2018

September doll last time countdown

If you know our website, you must know the eight discount dolls on the website page. Yes, the duration of the event is coming, so if you have a doll you like, please don't hesitate, because after you miss it, you will never be so cost-effective. Discount dolls. If you would like to know about our...
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