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Lynn September 13, 2018

About payment issues

Many people have asked me these days why there is no credit card payment. Here, I will answer them one by one. The credit card on this website is being applied for, and it can be paid by credit card soon. If you need to buy it urgently, I can provide you with the following methods:...
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Lynn September 05, 2018

Your sex doll will become your constant companion

Have you been thinking about it all the time, must you find someone to accompany you to your old partner in your lifetime? When you get home from work, she will wait patiently at home and never complain. When you want to be close to you, you choose to use her as your rehearsal, and she won't blame y...
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Lynn September 03, 2018

Sex doll broth is closed

Why is it closed? Because there are many First, residents in the vicinity were disgusted with the opening of the sex doll brothel. Not only that, the residents also tore off the posters of the sexual doll brothel propaganda, and also uploaded a complaint letter, so the municipal officials in the ...
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Lynn August 31, 2018

Help us choose September sex dolls

If you look at the homepage of our website, you know that there are eight discounted dolls that are stocked in warehouses in the US and the Netherlands, so you don't have to worry about customs being detained, or the logistics time is too long. We will ship the different warehouses according to your...
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Lynn August 22, 2018

Sex Doll Discussion Forum

1. Sex Doll Forum ------ There are many members here to ask questions, all the questions can be found here, as long as you have any questions about the doll, you can also raise it here. ...
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Lynn August 17, 2018

What type of lubricant should the sex doll use?

Most body lubricants are safe to use on your skin because they are designed for humans. However, it is very important to use only water-based lubricants when using silicone dolls. Do not use any oily, petroleum-based or silicone oil lubricants as they will harm your physical silicone doll. Water-...
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