How to clean if your doll is dyed by clothes? If your sex doll is stained by your food, how to clean it? It doesn't work for a long time, how to clean a lot of dust?

A doll is dyed by clothes or other pigments

First, you buy a staining paste, then apply the staining paste to the stained area, and wipe it back and forth repeatedly, because it is impossible to clean the color for the first time.

Second, leave stains

First of all, you have to stay away from your head. Of course, you can take off the head of the sex doll directly, because the head is made up by the staff, and if you touch the water, it is easy to wash off the makeup. Then, wash it directly with water, drip the things of the washable doll, just like putting a shower gel on yourself, and finally wash it with water, and finally use the clean, clean water to absorb the water. Last but not least, you must apply corn flour, hazelnut powder, flour or baby powder. Because TPE material sex dolls will be very oily after washing, apply these to prevent the surface from greasy feeling.

I hope these can help you.

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