1. sex dolls don't need alimony

Nowadays, in this society, you have to spend a lot of money to take care of your partner during and after love.

Your child, even a pet, will be an expense. In polygamous countries, people who prefer polygamy to the amount of alimony are very disheartening to a man.

When you don't want to worry about love and all expenses, sex toys are definitely your ideal choice. The only alimony of sex dolls is the proper storage for regular cleaning and use. The price of these dolls is very reasonable. You can compare the two, and you will find that sex dolls are the best reason for your purchase.

2. use sex toys, don't worry about contraception

Many couples thought they had done contraception when they had sex, and eventually, their girlfriend was pregnant. Either the condom is broken, or the woman is deliberately pregnant.

Sex dolls do not have such worries. They will not be pregnant, but you have to pay attention. After the baby has sexual relations, it should be cleaned immediately. This usually requires clearing the semen by means of orifice water.

3. sexually transmitted absolute security

Many viruses are produced through sexual intercourse, popularly said to be transmitted from one to another by sexual contact or genitalia, although most sexually transmitted diseases affect the sexes, the health effects of women may be more serious. Some viruses may even be unknown to you. Some latex condoms are good ways to avoid sexually transmitted infections, but they do not completely eliminate the possibility of infection.

And sex toys have completely eliminated that, clean from the first day you bought, and you don't have to doubt and worry, isn't it the best reason for you to buy sex toys?

4. sex toys will never betray you

The betrayal that people hate most is not strangers, but your bedside people. In any country, the rate of marriage is very high in both countries, which leads to a rise in the rate of divorce, and for this unfaithful marriage or relationship, you will be in a kind of injury and torture.


Sex dolls are definitely your loyal partners because they belong to you.

 5. sex doll's maintenance requirements are quite low

In addition to the initial cost of buying a doll, you only need a few clothes, a good storage space, and regular cleaning. Dolls do not have any emotions. They will not be sick or depressed like humans. Is it unbelievable? Indeed, this is all the benefits that dolls bring to you.



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